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Group Buy venue

* Select the group you want to join, and wait patiently for the number of people to meet the conditions to start the group.

* The group needs to reach the predetermined number of people within 5 days. If the group is overtime, the group will fail and the system will automatically refund (the original way).

* After the group starts successfully, all members including the group leader will get coupons (100% probability), and the group leader has the opportunity to get a mysterious coupon (5% probability, the system will automatically execute within 24 hours after the group starts) ,refer to: Description of opening rewards.


First Step

Step 1: Click the 'I want to join/Join after logging in' button to select the group you want to join.


Second Step

Step 2: Wait for the number of people who join the group to reach the standard. If the standard is met, the system will automatically create an instance for each group member; the timeout will be automatically refunded (refund on the original route).


Third Step

Reminder: You can get a group sharing link after the payment is successful, and other users can also quickly join your group through the sharing link.


Fourth Step

For group orders, the refund will be deducted at least 10% as the activation fee to curb cheating.

Existing Group

View my group record You can view the sharing link after payment








Traffic package global-500G


212.00 /1 Year 417.60 Recurring price


- No Group -

Los Angeles-1







Traffic package cn2_mixed-500G GIA+BGP


192.00 /1 Year 451.20 Recurring price


- No Group -

Rule of activity

1.  The group group activity is established by the group leader. The group leader joins the group by default. It is also one of the group members and will be included in the number of members. After the group leader pays, the group group is officially established; the group members need to find enough users to Join the group.

2.  After a group member joins the group, an associated order to be paid will be generated. The group member needs to pay for the order within a certain time limit. If the order is not paid over time, the order will be automatically closed and the group member will be automatically withdrawn from the group. The group members who participate in the grouping will occupy the position of the group members. It is recommended that the group members pay in time. If you do not want to participate, it is recommended to close the associated order and give the grouping position to other users.

3.  Within the specified effective group time, when the number of participants reaches the group requirements for the group (that is, the number of participants is sufficient and has been paid), the group will be successfully formed, and then the product instance resources will be created, such as If the conditions for starting a group are not met within the specified time, the group will be invalid, and the system will automatically refund (refund on the same route).

4.  There is no difference between the cloud products of this event and the instances purchased normally, and supports upgrade and allocation.

5.  This event product supports refund, please refer to Refund Process and Instructions.

6.  If it is found that the user steals coupons, SiliCloud has the right to take back the coupons and related cloud resources, domain names, etc. obtained by the user through the stealing behavior; SiliCloud has the right to adjust the specific rules of this activity according to its own operating arrangements. The rules published on this event page shall prevail. The relevant rules will become effective once they are published, and you should abide by them.