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Anti-Money Laundering Commitment

Update time 2023-02-25 19:21  Version v2.0
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You (the user) solemnly promise:

You (the user) will strictly abide by your region and Hong Kong & Japan “Anti-Money Laundering Law”, conduct commercial and financial activities in accordance with the law, abide by industry rules, abide by the code of ethics, and earnestly perform anti-money laundering obligations.

1. Guarantee that the source and purpose of the funds used are legal, and that the money paid to SiliCloud is not the income of drug crimes, organized crimes of the underworld nature, terrorist activities, smuggling, corruption and bribery, crimes of disrupting financial management order, and financial fraud crimes. income;

2. Guarantee that there is no use of SiliCloud and its platform for illegal and criminal activities;

If you (user) violate the above commitments or violate the anti-money laundering law and other relevant laws and regulations, you (user) voluntarily assume all responsibilities in accordance with laws and regulations, and have nothing to do with SiliCloud.

Hereby commit to!

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