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SiliCloud Global ( was established in Hong Kong in 2018 and Tokyo in 2022. It plans to use 2 years to build 12 Iaas outlets in various developed economies around the world. The supporting software is highly self-developed, not a patchwork of commercial software. Our high-level technical team, based on modern DevOps project management, has long-term full-level iterations, strong quality control capabilities, and excellent results in bottom-level optimization and technology integration.

The vision of us: Integrate open source and self-developed technological achievements, popularize products to consumers more quickly and affordable, so that users no longer worry about financial burdens when using Iaas/Paas. The supply chain is selected with high standards, and only listed companies in developed economies are selected as resource channels.

Payment method support:Paypal / Alipay / Stripe (Including: VISA/MASTERCARD/UnionPay/AE, etc.)

The product configuration is flexible. Here are a few popular cases:
Technology stack: OpenStack/Ceph/KVM/OVN/DPDK
Optional CPU: Xeon v4, Xeon scalable 2nd generation, EPYC
Storage options: vHDD vSSD

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Provide 24-hour reply work order service.

24-hour full refund service without reason.

Permanent money-back promise.

For refund policy please visit:

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